Pathway to Financial Stability for Jaime Rabelas

Jaime Rabelas joined our Hoʻoulu Waiwai program in August 2022, seeking financial coaching. Together with Hoʻoulu Waiwai Program Director/Financial Coach, Nohea Kaolulo, Jaime created, reviewed, and refined her spending plan, eventually gaining the confidence to complete the task alone becoming self-sufficient.

They then shifted their focus to Jaime’s financial goals and achieved impressive results in just one year. Jaime eliminated $3,929.08 of debt, saved $1,602.17 for an emergency fund, and added $1,415.30 to her sinking funds. She has adopted effective financial management strategies, including the envelope system and targeted bank accounts. Jaime even established an estate plan for her family, showcasing her commitment to their financial well-being.

Jaime’s determination and hard work allowed her to take control of her finances, pay off her car, clear her credit card debts, and experience the novel sensation of financial surplus. She now shops with a budget-conscious mindset and appreciates the program’s transformative impact. Jaime’s journey exemplifies how financial education and determination can lead to financial stability and a brighter future for oneself and ʻohana.

April is National Financial Literacy Month. To learn more about Financial Workshops available by INPEACE Ho’oulu Waiwai please visit