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Empowering Community through Education And Culture

INPEACE has provided educational programs to Native Hawaiian communities since 1994, nurturing the growth and development of keiki through ‘ohana-focused models and empowering community members to become educators and active leaders in their own communities because they understand, live, and are invested in the community’s future. for families.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for Native Hawaiians through community partnerships that provide educational opportunities and promote self-sufficiency.

Our Vision

Native Hawaiians are culturally grounded and thriving in their community.

Our Values

The empowerment of individuals, families and communities driven by Native Hawaiian values of:

  • ‘Ohana – the importance of family at the core of who we are, and the strengthening of family relationships.
  • Aloha – love, compassion, kindness, and grace.
  • Pilina – to establish and nurture relationships and connections.
  • Mālama – to care for and nurture.
  • Kuleana – to take responsibility and follow-through on commitments made.
  • Pono – to do what is right with integrity and excellence.

Core Guiding Principals



Multi-Generational Approach


INPEACE Program Impact Areas


Early Learning

INPEACE’s Early Childhood Education efforts utilize a multigenerational approach that places parents at the center of their child’s education. 


  • Keiki are culturally grounded and connected to place.
  • Keiki are at or above age appropriate literacy skills.
  • Parents are knowledgeable and confident in their parenting skills.
  • Parents actively engage in their keiki’s education and confident in their ability to support their keiki toward academic success.



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Early Learning and
School Readiness


Youth and adults
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educational equity,
leadership and
teacher development


Educational Equity

INPEACE’s focus on Educational Equity and Teacher Development acknowledges the cultural background, community intelligence, positive role models, and the strength of shared perspectives that shapes the lives of our keiki, incorporating them into learning approaches that make academics relevant. LEARN MORE

  • Teachers in the community are homegrown, licensed, highly qualified, and connected to culture and community.
  • The proportion of Native Hawaiian teachers aligns with the proportion of Native Hawaiian students.
  • Students are engaged in learning and have well developed critical thinking skills.


Economic Stability

INPEACE engages in Family Economic Capacity Building to develop more economic options that enable individuals and ‘ohana to live in the communities they grew up in, pursue their dreams of sending their keiki to college, purchasing their own home, and being financially stable when they retire. LEARN MORE

  • Individuals and ‘ohana-
    • Decrease debt and increase credit score.
    • Establish a college savings plan for their keiki.
    • Establish a retirement plan.
  • Increase the amount of locally-owned, community-grown businesses.


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family economic
capacity building