New 3-Year Strategic Plan Shaped by Staff Expertise

Using an innovative approach, INPEACE has created a 3-year Strategic Plan, a culmination of a strategic planning process driven by the collective experience, knowledge, and community connections of our dedicated staff. Unlike traditional approaches, our staff took the lead in crafting this visionary roadmap, ensuring that every perspective was valued. The Board of Directors, recognizing the importance of empowering our team, provided unwavering support and a conducive space for staff to contribute meaningfully.

The plan itself speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence and quality. It goes beyond mere goals and objectives, delving into practical, actionable steps that our staff is passionately committed to achieving. The result is a strategic direction that is not only bold but also deeply rooted in the ethos of our organization.

Our staff embraced their kuleana for building a better future for the communities we serve. This plan is a testament to their ownership and active participation in shaping the impact of INPEACE. As we look ahead, we are confident that the leaders of tomorrow, nurtured within our organization, are more than capable of steering us towards a brighter future. This Strategic Plan is not just a document; it’s a collective commitment to the well-being of our keiki, ‘ohana, and lāhui. Together, as a united community, we eagerly anticipate the transformative impact we will make in the years to come.