‘Ohana in our community dream of sending their keiki to college, purchasing their own home, or being financially stable when they retire, but the realities of those costs are often daunting.  For parents and their keiki, we know that continuing the academic journey is a long and financially taxing venture, and our goal is to prepare them to successfully meet those needs.  We firmly believe that a community’s greatest asset is the people within it. By creating pathways, and learning experiences that grow and nourish lasting financial well-being for families, we can grow stronger, vibrant economic futures for communities. 

Community members were enrolled in our family economic capacity building programs



Ariel Ani-Anguay

INPEACE engages in Family Economic Capacity Building to develop more economic options that enable individuals and ‘ohana to continue to live in the communities they grew up in and to pursue their dreams. Through community partnerships, these programs support families throughout their journey toward personal financial wellness, and economic stability by providing them with education, coaching, and access to experts in the field.

Educational Equity Targeted Outcomes:

Individuals and ‘ohana:

Increase the amount of locally-owned, community-grown businesses.


participants were provided with 30 personal finance and/or business development workshops in 2020
$ 0
attained in college grants and aid leveraged toward participants’ educational pathways
$ 0
total debt reduction achieved over a three year period by families seeking to decrease their debt

INPEACE Is Funded Through Personal Donations From People Like You.

INPEACE is a nonprofit organization that relies heavily on grants to fund programs and services that strengthen, support, educate and empower our communities. Through donations, we are able to keep our programs free while providing an incredible asset to our community.