families increased their knowledge of diverse Hawaiian traditions and practices

Grounding Youth Through Culture and Relationships

Kupu Ola collaborates with schools to create alternative learning approaches that focus on strengthening academics, personal confidence, and pride in youth through the integration of Native Hawaiian culture in outdoor classrooms and interactive learning activities.

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Culture-based instruction has the potential for narrowing educational achievement gaps.  It allows keiki to build relationships and engage in learning that is tied to community and establishes a deeper sense of self, building pride in who they are, and where they’re from. 

seventh and eighth graders participated in Kupu Ola culture-based educational workshops (67% were Native Hawaiian)
0 %
of Kupu Ola youth demonstrated cultural knowledge through oral presentations and/or demonstrations
0 %
of Kupu Ola youth increased in at least one protective factor or decreased in at least one risk factor.
0 %
of Kupu Ola youth engaged in an activity with a family member or adult mentor.
total served in Eō's first year, 22 keiki and engaging 139 parents and community members.
0 %
Eō youth and participating adults reported an increase in the knowledge of their community, understanding of Hawaiian culture, and its relation to self and family
0 %
of Eō youth demonstrated an increase in their development and utilization of targeted leadership skills.

Kupu Ola, which means “to bring forth or sprout life,” is a culture-based education (CBE) program delivered in outdoor classrooms in partnership with community schools.   This approach allows kinesthetic learners to thrive and is used to teach math, science, literacy, art, and social and emotional skills.  The program utilizes Native Hawaiian culture, language, and traditions to reestablish land connections and personal self-identity.


We also provide an afterschool and summer component called Eō, for keiki in grades 4 thru 6.  Eō is a culture-based leadership program that progressively nurtures keiki into peer mentoring and leadership roles through participation in consecutive years.    

Kupu Ola strives to:

“Wai‘anae Intermediate School staff are highly educated with knowledge from universities. However, INPEACE (Kupu Ola) comes into the schools to help students find their identity and be proud of who they are outside of the home.”
- John Wataoka
Wai‘anae Intermediate School Principal
“They (the keiki) will now love what the Hawaiian based culture learning has to offer, and in doing so love the places they go to in the Eō Program and learn things they never knew about on the island they live. Pilina is to have a connection with something, and this Eō program provides the keiki with the means to connect to our island in ways they never have. Mahalo for this opportunity.”
- Eō Parent

Kupu Ola Staff

Ku‘uleilani Samson

Program Coordinator

Christian Naho‘opi‘i-Hose

Program Specialist

Kū Kahakalau, Ph.D.

Cultural Specialist

Penina Tofete

Eo Project Specialist

Jaylene Rodrigues

Eo Program Activities Coordinator

Trust Filipo-Rodrigues

Eo Program Kako‘o

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