Educational inequality is present in our community. Our belief and actions focus on harnessing the assets and talents already present in the community, incorporating them into learning approaches that make academics relevant.  INPEACE’s focus on Educational Equity and Teacher Development acknowledges the cultural background, community intelligence, positive role models, and the strength of shared perspectives that shapes the lives of our keiki.  We envision a community where keiki learn from teachers who were in their shoes, sitting in the same seats; and we seek to ensure that communities have teachers who are invested in building a better future for the community they call home.

youth and adults were served in our educational equity, leadership and teacher development programs



Delton Kekahuna

Educational Equity Targeted Outcomes:

unduplicated current and potential educators seeking college support, professional development, and cultural enrichment were served
degrees or certificates were earned by 37 participants this year in our Educational Equity, Leadership & Teacher Development programs
0 %
of graduates who have completed their educational goals during 2020 with INPEACE, are working in community schools

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INPEACE is a nonprofit organization that relies heavily on grants to fund programs and services that strengthen, support, educate and empower our communities. Through donations, we are able to keep our programs free while providing an incredible asset to our community.