Early Learning

Ho‘āla conducts outreach that provides families with information on the importance of early childhood education and helps them navigate systems to secure early learning opportunities for their child.


Keiki and adults
received outreach
through our
Hoʻāla Program.

Our keiki are our most precious resource. They are our link to a better future for Hawai‘i and the foundation we lay for them today will help to grow their confidence, build a love for learning, and create lifelong healthy habits. INPEACE’s Hoʻāla Program is a year-round outreach program for families with children, prenatal to five-year-old, designed to provide important information about Early Childhood Education (ECE) and preschool services available in the community.


Through guided, confidential assistance, our Hoʻāla recruiters provide families with direct one-on-one assistance in identifying and completing the application process for a preschool in their community that best meets the needs of their child and their family. We also provide assistance in applying for financial supports to subsidize tuition and program costs, which benefits families by keeping a significant portion of their income accessible for other household needs.


We believe in building trust by meeting families where they’re at, no matter the situation. Our Hoʻāla program recruiters reach out to families by canvassing door-to-door and by setting up informational kiosks at various community locations and events.


keiki and adults received outreach through our Ho‘āla outreach program.


keiki were successfully assisted with preschool enrollment by INPEACE recruiters.


awarded to participating families to help cover educational costs.

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INPEACE is a nonprofit organization that relies heavily on grants to fund programs and services that strengthen, support, educate and empower our communities. Through donations, we are able to keep our programs free while providing an incredible asset to our community.