parents were provided with education and skill-building activities through over 2,125 home visits.

Providing a Strong Foundation for Early Learners

Hi‘ilei increases parent knowledge and the development of new skills and strategies to become their child’s best teacher and advocate, and cultivates the bonds that nurture the relationship between parent and child to provide a strong foundation to support the healthy growth and development of their child, body and mind.

Upcoming Hi‘ilei Events

Hi‘ilei provides educational in-home visits to families with children, prenatal to 3 years old, where parents can engage directly with their child in their home environment that is comfortable and familiar to them. Weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly visits deliver high-quality, comprehensive lessons which are tailored to meet individual family needs.  The goal of Hi‘ilei’s services is to empower and equip parents with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure their keiki gets the best possible start in life.

annual parent participation in parent education and skill-building activities, often weekly
0 %
of participating parents indicated a positive difference in the way they parent and support their child’s learning
0 %
of participating keiki demonstrate on-time development overall, in communication, gross & fine motor skills, problem-solving, personal-social, and social/emotional skills.
0 %
of participating keiki have a regular medical provider, helping to prevent health issues from hindering early learning

Empowering Parents & Keiki

Utilizing the nationally recognized Parents As Teachers (PAT) curriculum as the   foundationfor services, Hi’ilei focuses on four main points of development: language, cognitive, social, and motor skills. Through Hi‘ilei, parents learn strategies and develop skills to effectively help their keiki develop in these areas. Each lesson plan is tailored to meet the specific needs of the parent, keiki, and family, through topics that include: healthy births, early childhood education, brain development, keiki health, and nutrition.


Hi‘ilei’s Parent Educators are PAT Certified, have field experience and academic backgrounds in early childhood education, and engage in extensive year-round professional development. Coming from the communities they serve, our staff is deeply committed to working with families and contributing to their growth as parents.

“My life has changed from Hi‘ilei because I always feel supported. I am confident in my parenting and in life. I am able to do things on my own to make sure my family has housing, food, and other needs. There used to be times when I didn’t know how to get help or how to handle different things my baby was doing and this program helped me to see what I needed and how to get help. When I need help or information about development or other resources in the community, I know how to ask for help and follow through when I need to.”
- Hi‘ilei Parent Participant

Hi‘ilei Staff

Nalani Galariada

Program Director

April Shiraishi

Associate Program Director

Seanalle Luafalemana

Moloka‘i Lead Parent Educator

Jessica Gora-Aina

Program Assistant

Twila Kawai

Parent Educator

Clarissa Muraoka

Parent Educator

Skyla Havens

Parent Educator

Chelsie Hose

Parent Educator

Kazan Dela Cruz

Parent Educator

Georgette Bobbitt-Spencer

Parent Educator

Charisse Wolf

Data Specialist

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