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Keiki Steps is a Hawaiian culture-based family-child interactive learning preschool where parents and children, from newborn to age five, learn together to ensure academic success and prepare keiki for Kindergarten.


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Keiki Steps


Keiki Steps is a WINHEC accredited family child interactive preschool for children birth to age five that provides FREE early education enrichment for families and children. Keiki Steps works to empower parents or caregivers as their keiki’s first and best teacher, and, to work as advocates for their children’s learning and academic successes. Families attend alongside keiki for a safe and fun first learning experience that is culturally enriching and age appropriate. Keiki Steps educators and families work in partnership to prepare students for school, providing a firm foundation for success in education and life, and building pride and confidence in knowing who they are and where they come from.


The transition from home to a formal school environment can be exciting but intimidating for our keiki. INPEACE built Keiki Steps to bridge the gap between home and school by creating a parent participation program that places both children and their parents or caregivers in a classroom setting together. Keiki can learn to socialize and acclimate to a school setting while feeling safe with their parents in new surroundings. Designed to promote children’s development and school readiness through a cultural lens, Keiki Steps draws upon traditional Hawaiian cultural practices like genealogy (moʻokūʻauhau) Kauhale (traditional family systems), chant (oli), and hula as a way to shape parent and child learning interactions.


of participants met the majority of the Hawaii State School Readiness Assessment benchmarks.


of the Keiki Steps program alumni of age – who we were able to contact – graduated high school on time.


of parents indicated that they feel more comfortable at school and know what is expected of their child.

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