Educational Equity

Ka Lama Education Academy supports community members in their pursuit to become high-quality teachers in their home communities through college support, mentorship and professional training.


community members
served in Ka Lama
Education Academy.

Ka Lama Education Academy (Ka Lama) empowers Native Hawaiian community members to become teachers in their own communities. Research shows that teacher quality and cultural competence make a big difference in student education outcomes, and this is especially true in indigenous populations and communities of color. Ka Lama focusses on recruiting, supporting, and retaining Native Hawaiian educators to address disparities in education by providing year-round support and incentives to current and future teachers.


Ka Lama aims to build diversity in the teaching profession to address the cultural mismatch between teachers and students. Creating a diverse group of teachers in all schools is a crucial step in ensuring all children have role models they can identify with on a cultural level. The program also assists teachers in increasing their credentials and gain techniques and strategies to effectively reach and teach students in marginalized, rural communities with high Native Hawaiian student populations.


Ka Lama services include: scholarships & financial aid, textbook reimbursements, academic & career coaching, praxis test prep & support, culture & place-based education workshops, and substitute teaching support.


community members were enrolled in college and working toward a degree in Education.


degrees completed by current and aspiring teachers.


projected 20-year social return on investment

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