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A Culture of Empowerment & Leadership Development

INPEACE has provided educational programs to Native Hawaiian communities since 1994, nurturing the growth and development of keiki through ‘ohana-focused models and empowering community members to become educators and active leaders in their own communities because they understand, live, and are invested in the community’s future.

Executive Staff

Maile Keli‘ipio-Acoba

Chief Executive Officer

Marissa Pico

Chief Financial Officer

Sanoe Marfil

Chief Program Officer

Jocelyn Banks

Director of Human Resources

Board Members

Lynette Wakinekona, Ph.D.


Walter F. Thoemmes III

Vice President

Rochelle Pi‘ilani
Hussey Ka‘aloa


Wallace Chin


Derek Kurisu

Board Member

Jon Matsuoka, Ph.D.

Board Member

Kathryn H. Au, Ph.D.

Founding Board Member

Kiana Frank, Ph.D.

Board Member

Konia Freitas, Ph.D.

Board Member

Maile Keli‘ipio-Acoba

Ex-Officio Board Member,
Chief Executive Officer

Richard Naiwieha

Chief Financial Officer

Sherlyn Franklin Goo, M.Ed.

Founding Board Member

Dr. Alice Kawakami

Founding Board Member

Administrative Staff

Sheri Magno

Director of Development

Saydee Pojas

Director of Operations

Kerri Perry

Senior Project Manager

Sylvia Chiappetta

HR/Accounting Specialist

Elaine Peters

Operations Specialist

Wendy Wang

Payroll Specialist

Hina Watson


Joy Stevens

Executive Assistant

Communications & Data

Solomon Alfapada

Director of Digital Media

La‘akea Yoshida

Director of Research
and Evaluation

Kathleen Giffard

Data Specialist

Kelyn Hallman

Data Specialist

Francine Ching

Evaluations & Outsomes Specialist

Nicholas Smith

Digital Media Specialist