Empowering Parenthood: Chasity Cabral’s Journey of Confidence and Growth with Hiʻilei Program

Chasity Cabral, a first-time mom, first learned about the Hiʻilei program while attending Kaulele’s Kapa Exhibit at Ka Makana Aliʻi. She stumbled upon a brochure that outlined the program’s offerings, and it piqued her interest. As a new mother, Chasity ardently sought guidance on her child’s learning and development. She longed for a supportive community where she could freely ask questions, gain insight into her child’s development, and find support for her growing ʻohana.

Participating in the Hiʻilei program proved transformative for Chasity. She transitioned from a place of uncertainty and fear into one of confidence and empowerment. With the help of her dedicated Parent Educator, Shauna Lum, she honed her observation skills and has gained a better understanding of her baby’s actions, motivations, and developmental milestones, causing a shift in Chasity’s mindset and confidence as a parent.

The home visits and continued support from her Parent Educator provides Chasity with a lifeline. Their partnership provides a safe space for open communication, goal setting, and access to essential resources. The Hiʻilei program helped Chasity discover her inner strengths. She is sure of her ability to make informed decisions and has further realized her capabilities and independence, dispelling the fear of postpartum depression that once loomed over her. The program’s support and resources enabled her to transition into motherhood with resilience and determination.

Chasity also seized numerous opportunities through the Hiʻilei program. She explored potential employment with Keiki Steps, received vital financial guidance through Hoʻoulu Waiwai, and discovered new social events like Lā ʻOhana that enriched her parenting experience. She is empowered to understand her child’s development and cultivate her own growth as a mother.