Samuel N. and Mary Castle Foundation Awards $50,000

The Samuel N. and Mary Castle Foundation awarded $50,000 to strengthen the administrative and operational support for our Keiki Steps Family-Child Interactive Learning preschool and Early Literacy program to ensure retention and availability of seats and to expand evidence literacy instruction and materials into smaller childcare groups in the community.

INPEACE goal is for every keiki to receive quality education regardless of the program they choose. This project will continue to strengthen the well-being, development, and academic growth of our youngest keiki. We want to ensure our Keiki Steps program will have continuity and families have access to free early learning opportunities. Our literacy program will help expand evidence-based literacy resources and materials to family childcare providers, and parents/caregivers raising children at home.

“We are grateful for the awards from the Samuel N. and Mary Castle Foundation that will allow us to hire a full-time project activities coordinator. This coordinator will help us to collect, input and compile data as well as maintain the purchasing, acquistion and distribution of curriculum supplies and materials. With this funding, we will support educators to implement evidence-based literacy practices and engage families in supporting their children’s literacy and language development.” Early Literacy Program Director, Germaine Tauati