Kamehameha Schools’ Kaiāulu Awards $12,997

Kamehameha Schools’ Kaiaulu awarded $12,997 to INPEACE’s Kaulele program. This awarded sponsorship will host a special launching event on June 8 at Ka Makana Ali’i, to showcase the unveiling of our newest exhibit, the  Loko I’a (fishponds) to celebrate the sharing of knowledge through cultural education for all community members.

The Loko I’a exhibit launch provides us a space to feature the cultural and scientific significance of fishponds, which have been integral to Hawaiian culture for centuries. Loko I’a serve more than just a source of sustenance; they are living embodiments of ancestral knowledge. This special launching event will immerse locals and tourists in a unique blend of Hawaiian culture and STEM learning through interactive and hands-on experiences. While the spotlight will be on the new Loko I’a exhibit, the Kapa and Kaulana Mahina exhibits will be displayed alongside. All three exhibits will be available until June 27.

This award sponsorship plays a crucial role in bringing the elements of community engagement, learning, and celebration of culture together. We are honored to receive this support so we can continue to take meaningful steps towards a more engaged community rooted in the wisdom and traditions of our kupuna.