Hawai’i Community Foundation – CHANGE Grants Awards $30,000

The Hawaii Community Foundation has awarded a $30,000 CHANGE Grant to INPEACE to advance our work in increasing educational equity through the development of a traveling exhibit that provides Hawaiian-focused STEM related activities for youth.

With a focus on making positive change in our communties, the Hawai’i Community Foundation has provided a $30,000 CHANGE grant award to support INPEACE’s Kaulele Project, an indigenous STEM experience, that seeks to increase academic achievement in STEM through Hawaiian culture and arts.  Kaulele will provide access and oportunities to engage in Hawaiian cultural learning and activities that demonstrate a STEM connection and builds on Hawaii’s rich cultural history to elevate and promote learning and engagement.  Understanding the scientific brilliance of our local culture and the ancestral knowledge that paved the way can help to make STEM relevant and fun for youth in a way that connects them to who they are and where they come from.  Designed and built to travel, Kaulele exhibits further seek to increase access to informal STEM learning opportunities for rural and neighbor island communities.