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The Science of Kapa

How does wauke (paper mulberry) transform into kapa (cloth) that was once used in every household in Hawai‘i?


Did you know that Hawaiian kapa is considered one of the finest in the Pacific? 

Immerse Yourself in the Science of Kapa

About this exhibit

Take the journey to explore the kapa (cloth) making process at the Science of Kapa Exhibit, Hawaii’s first Hawaiian Culture and Science Pop-Up Exhibit. An interactive experience for all ages to learn the various tools used to transform a native plant to cloth. Discover the many useful functions of kapa in everyday life for Native Hawaiians in the past and present.


This exhibit promotes Hawaiian Culture and shines a light on the brilliance of our ancestors and the knowledge they passed down to us for centuries. Come see and discover how the scientific process has been embodied in our cultural practices all along. Weaving together traditional Hawaiian practices of the past and modern science, this exhibit aims to inspire the next generation of scientist.

Exhibit Features

Explore 5 informational and interactive stations to:


The Science of Kapa is available as a pop-up Hawaiian culture and science exhibit.


To host the exhibit, contact Alaka‘i Aglipay at (808) 693-7222 ext. 610 or alakaia@inpeace.org

Exhibit Specs

Required Size
Minimum 1,200 sq ft


Required Ceiling Height
Minimum 10 ft


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