The Hawaii Tourism Authority – CNHA Kukulu Ola Program Awards $20,000

The Hawai’i Tourism Authority’s CNHA-Kukulu Ola program has awarded INPEACE’s Kaulele program $20,000. This funding provides support for our Kaulana Mahina Exhibit to enhance, strengthen, and perpetuate the Hawaiian culture through genuine experiences for residents and visitors alike.

INPEACE’s Kaulana Mahina Exhibit: Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around will encourage residents and visitors alike to kilo, noiʻi, and ʻimiloa where generations of Native Hawaiian wisdom unveils traditional Hawaiian knowledge of lunar cycles and itʻs connection to traditional practices. Prepare yourself to be captivated by an extraordinary exhibit that invites you to reframe your daily routines to align the rhythmic cadence of Kaulana Mahina. Explore the captivating bond between moon phases and daily life in an immersive pop-up exhibit. Uncover the intricate connection between Kaulana Mahina, the Hawaiian lunar calendar, and activities like fishing and planting. Engage in hands-on experiences and join us for an enchanting adventure that blends tradition with discovery – it’s more than an exhibit, it’s a celebration of indigenous Hawaiian science.

This exhibit will be featured at the ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center on March 12-June 9 and at the Waimea Community Center on June 11-June 13.

“With the support of the Hawai ‘i Tourism Authority’s funding, INPEACE’s Kaulele program will expand our operations to Hawai ‘i Island and ultimately foster excitement and interest in communities for children and families” – Sanoe Marfil, Chief Program Officer