Our organization received a grant award of $15,000 from the Atherton Family Foundation. With this award INPEACE will be able to display the Kaulele – Kapa Exhibit across the state to communities on the neighbor islands.  Families will be able to visit and share in our Kaulele STEM experience.

In December of 2021, Kaulele launched the Kapa Exhibit has been hosted in four communities on the island of O’ahu for the past year. We are very excited to have this opportunity to take our KapaExhibit to another island to impact our youth in rural communities to have access to informal STEM learning. The Kapa Exhibit utilizes a self-directed exploration strategy and consists of five interactive learning stations with activities to engage visitors in simulated learning introducing them to STEM topics through relevant cultural approaches.

“These communities will also benefit from not only STEM learning opportunities, but learning about their Hawaiian culture and how innovative our people are. Teachers in each community that our program has visited have shared excitement and is wanting to bring their students to our interactive science exhibit. Because of this, our Kaulele program appreciates this generous gift and will continue sharing our exhibit to different communities around Hawaiʻi. Thank you again for your generosity.” Alaka’i Aglipay, Kaulele Project Manager