University of Daegu in Korea Visits INPEACE

University of Daegu in Korea Visits INPEACE

7-8-09b2A professor and students from the Catholic University of Daegu in Korea came to Hawai’i to tour INPEACE’s programs and outdoor classroom in July.

All of the students are part of the social justice program at the University. Every year a student of the program coordinates a visit to another country. The purpose is for them to observe the country’s social system and methods that organizations, like INPEACE, use to address inequalities within their communities. This year Hawai’i was identified as their top choice.

During their visit, they toured a Keiki Steps to Kindergarten class at Nānāikapono Elementary School. INPEACE’s Keiki Steps to Kindergarten is a kindergarten transition program for children with little or no preschool experience. Each classroom is staffed with a kindergarten teacher and an early childhood educator. The two teachers team up to provide a quality curriculum to help children and their families transition into kindergarten.

Their last visit was to Kupu Ola’s outdoor classroom at Nānākuli Elementary School where they explored a variety of native plants.

The visit ended with a hearty lunch and a gift presentation.