Soy Bean – From Seed to Table

Soy Bean – From Seed to Table

Planting, Caring for, Harvesting and Consuming Your Soy Beans

Soy beans are healthy, high in protein and in fiber. The soy bean comes from a plant that grows easily and quickly in the garden or a pot. The mature plant is two-to-three feet tall and it will flower before the bean appears. The beans are green and fuzzy and will sprout in eight to ten days. They grow to be about two-to-three inches long. You should use a lattice or trellis for the plant to crawl up as it grows. Soy bean plants can be grown and harvested in less than three months.

Planting in a Pot: 

* Mix organic potting soil with Perlight and Organic Bone Meal.
* Place the Perlight and Organic Bone Meal mixture in a pot.
* Make a one-inch deep hole and place a soy bean seed in it. 
* Cover the seed lightly.
* Water daily

Planting in the Ground (Transplanting from pot to ground)

* Dig a hole the same size as your potted plant.
* Squeeze potted plant to loosen the soil.
* Place plant into the ground and cover with soil.
* Water and weed daily.

Consuming your Soy Beans:

* Soy beans may be steamed or boiled.
* Add them to salads, stir fry or eat them alone.