Save the date!

Save the date!

This year, the Lōkahi gift drive was more successful than ever, thanks in part to the efforts of INPEACE to connect families in need with generous donors. The drive offered assistance to 42 deserving families, quadrupling previous years’ efforts and setting a benchmark for future drives. “Our organization is built on the importance of communities helping one another, especially during the holidays, so we feel privileged to have connected donors with deserving families,” says Lisa Pakele of INPEACE.

“I appreciate the hard work that everyone did for us,” said Keala Young, whose family was blessed by the effort. “This act of kindness represents the true spirit of Christmas.”

Lōkahi collects general information from the families, such as the ages of family members, and asks them to list items they need and a few special gifts. INPEACE, Lōkahi and other businesses in the community came together to ensure families received basic needs and a few things on their wish list. In addition to presents, families received gift cards from WalMart, Target, Toys R Us, and ready-made meals from Zippy’s, Safeway, and Foodland. They also received household items such as toiletries, dishes, pots and pans for cooking, as well as toys, clothes and shoes.