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Empowering Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is freedom, self-reliance, and unlimited opportunity.

It is through that lens that we were inspired to create Ho‘oulu Waiwai: Business Development, a project for individuals and families who participate in INPEACE’s Keiki Steps and Hi‘ilei programs. This project is designed to directly impact families engaged in INPEACE’s early childhood education programs, because we believe that educating two generations within a single family can create deeper, longer lasting change in our communities.

Ho‘oulu Waiwai: Business Development assists families with young children in pursuing their aspirations of starting or growing their own small businesses through comprehensive training and professional support. Business Development participants benefit from a variety of workshops, which include topics such as business planning, design creation, financial literacy and asset building, business development support systems, and how to connect and work with non-predatory lenders. Alongside workshops, Business Development provides one-on-one business coaching for individualized planning and support, with the goal of empowering participants to complete their business plan, develop goals, and implement action steps toward building their business.

Why Small Businesses Matter

Small businesses provide the opportunity for families to increase their income and economic stability, which is important, as research has shown that an increase in family income during the years of early childhood can lead to positive academic and long-term economic outcomes for children. At the same time Ho‘oulu Waiwai: Business Development supports community members in creating new industries, jobs and businesses in their community.

Ho‘oulu Waiwai: Business Development in 2019


new businesses were created through Business Development


engaged in formal business transactions

Business Development in Practice

Ho‘oulu Waiwai Business Development Services

INPEACE provides business development workshops, personalized coaching and financial workshops in the collaboration with INPEACE’s Ho’oulu Waiwai program. Ho‘oulu Waiwai: Business Development’s workshops are designed around a core knowledge of business practices, integrated with Innovation Engineering tools and strategies, to help participants develop fully realized business ideas. Financial workshops that teach a series of financial skills for business start-up are provided in collaboration with INPEACE’s Ho‘oulu Waiwai program.

Business Development Participants

With the help of Ho‘oulu Waiwai: Business Development, Wai‘anae native Wallace Akau (pictured above) has legitimized and grown his business, Akau Boards, producing and selling high-quality hardwood cutting boards.

Husband and wife artists Mark Feijao Milligan and Nicole Maileen Woo (pictured center) are posing for a photo at their art show “In the Black: a Visual Anthology.”

Through Ho‘oulu Waiwai: Business Development, Wai‘anae native Teresa Jones (pictured above) has begun to hone in on production processes and sale tactics for her 3D-printed materials.

Your Donation Impacts the Community

As of 2017, we have aided in successfully launching seven small businesses and provided education on business fundamentals for more than 60 parents and guardians. This project is provided free of charge to parents and caregivers participating in INPEACE’s Keiki Steps or the Hi‘ilei programs. Childcare is provided free during Business Development workshops.  Individuals and families who are not participants of our Keiki Steps and PAT programs may also attend for a small fee.

In 2018-2019, as families complete the workshop series with a full business plan, we will continue to support them through the business start-up phase.  Your donation will provide funds to assist participants with securing the resources they need to establish their small businesses, such as licensing fees, small equipment, supplies, consultation and support. Donations like yours allow future small business owners and their keiki a level of financial stability and independence crucial to keiki growth and community development as a whole.

Our Program Supporters

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