How to Plant your Tongue of Fire

How to Plant your Tongue of Fire

This plant grows easily in a home garden, and the white bean with purple streaks is an excellent source of protein. These plants grow quickly and can be harvested in two months. You’ll see a sprout in eight to 10 days and mature plants are ready for harvesting when they’re between one and two feet tall, and the beans should be about three inches or larger in size.

How to Grow: 

* Plant Tongue of Fire in an area that’s exposed to direct sunlight
* Plant about 6 inches apart
* Water daily
* Mulch and weed if needed
* Harvest when beans are ready

Planting in a Pot: 

* Mix potting soil with Perlight and Organic Bone Meal
* Fill soil to the first line of the pot
* Make a hole with your finger about ½ inch deep
* Place seed in the hole and cover with soil
* Place pot where there’s lots of sun and water lightly (daily)

Planting into the Ground:

* Dig a hole about the same size as the potted Tongue of Fire * Squeeze the pot to loosen the soil and plant and slide it into the hole * Cover hole with the soil and gently compact * Water Daily