Get a Jump on Success

Get a Jump on Success

Sign Up Early for Keiki Steps

There’s so much for you and your child to explore – together! Sign up for Keiki Steps, a program by INPEACE, which prepares you and your keiki for kindergarten. It’s a FREE parent-participation program designed to get your keiki ready for school and life.

Pre-registration is going on now. “We wanted to register early since we didn’t get a full year in,” said Jennifer Gomes, whose three-year-old son Caleb Carvalho started attending the Keiki Steps program at Barbers Point in January. Before coming to Keiki Steps, Gomes stayed home with her son and they played and learned together. But, Caleb didn’t have the exposure to other children. Since joining Keiki Steps, he is socializing with other keiki his age, and has learned appropriate behavior in a group setting. The program has been very flexible for Kaumaka Miner, who has two children in the Keiki Steps program. Her two-year-old daughter, Brandye Miner Gifford is a special needs child, and was enrolled in Keiki Steps since she was six-months old. “Keiki Steps allows the therapist to come into the program and work with the keiki,” says Miner.

Keiki Steps takes a culturally sensitive approach to learning and preference is given to Native Hawaiian families. Early learning experiences are crucial to your child’s success later in life. The Keiki Steps program is so popular, that it fills up quickly. Sign up now, and ensure a space for you and your child. Call 620-9043 or go online at