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Dr. Kathryn Au

Founding Board Member

Dr. Kathryn Au is chief executive officer of SchoolRise, LLC, and the first person to hold an endowed chair in education at the University of Hawaiʻi. A member of the Reading Hall of Fame, Dr. Au served on the board of directors of the International Reading Association (IRA) from 1998–2001 and has served as president from 2009–10. Her research interests are school change and the literacy achievement of students of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. She has written over eighty publications addressing issues of literacy and diversity, and her latest book is Literacy Achievement and Diversity: Keys to Success for Students, Teachers, and Schools (Teachers College Press, 2011).

Dr. Au has been president of the Literacy Research Association (LRA) and vice president of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). She received the first National Scholar Award presented by the National Association for Asian and Pacific American Education, and the Oscar Causey Award for outstanding contributions to reading research presented by the LRA. She received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the College of Education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the College of Education, University of Hawaiʻi She has been recognized as a distinguished scholar by the AERA Standing Committee on the Role and Status of Minorities in Educational Research, and she was named a fellow of the National Conference on Research on Language and Literacy.

Dr. Au worked at the Kamehameha Schools from 1971–1995. She began as an educational specialist for the Kamehameha Elementary Education Program (KEEP) and later headed KEEP’s efforts to develop a literacy curriculum implemented in ten public schools in Native Hawaiian communities. In 2005, she received the Native Hawaiian Education Award from Kamehameha Schools for her service as one of the three founders of INPEACE.

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