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Empowering Communities. Enhancing Lives.

The empowerment of individuals, families, and communities – through programs driven by Native Hawaiian values – is at the heart of the work we do at the Institute for Native Pacific Education and Culture (INPEACE). Established in 1994, with a mission to improve the quality of life for Native Hawaiians, INPEACE utilizes a holistic community approach. Like our kūpuna before us, we seek to embrace the entire community by offering FREE and relevant educational programs to individuals and families residing in West O‘ahu, Kaua‘i, Moloka‘i, and East Hawai‘i Island.

Programs with an Impact

INPEACE provides educational programs through a Hawaiian cultural lens, to individuals from keiki to kupuna. We have emerged as a local and international resource for effectively conceptualizing and integrating cultural approaches to early childhood education, parent skill development, K-12 student engagement, workforce development, and financial capabilities programming. Over 24 years we have collected stories of the positive impact our programs have had on the lives of the families that we served. These stories tell of strengthened family relations; supported positive parenting practices; increased confidence, pride and sense of place in youth; increased academic attainment, all the way through college; and the attainment of financial goals that lead to stronger family sustainability. Through a tireless focus on empowering children and families through educational opportunities, cultural knowledge, addressing challenges families face, and fostering the hope these programs inspire, INPEACE is helping to build stronger communities and perpetuate culture for future generations.

Building From Within

Our reputation in the community for innovative programs and responsive efforts has brought success to our organization because community members see our programs as an extension of themselves. The communities we serve are involved in every aspect of our work. INPEACE continues to evolve and change over time to best support these communities. With a commitment to engage community members in every aspect of our work, we believe the best solutions come from the ground up and from those who understand the problems intimately.

INPEACE has an emphasized focus on building the community from within. We help individuals build on their strengths and talents, then further empower them with specific knowledge and skills so they can realize their goals. We know there are valuable resources in Native Hawaiian communities, and we seek to align with those resources. We look for people who have passion and dedication, and we collaborate with them to get things done. Recognizing the potential in our own backyard, INPEACE assists and supports people, whether our employees, parents, teachers, students, or community members, in achieving their goals and ultimately strengthening the community as a whole. In turn, the community where they live becomes the community in which they serve and everyone benefits!

Approaching Community Growth and Development with Traditional Hawaiian Values

The Spirit of Aloha is “joyfully sharing life.” Aloha is the very root of Hawaiian culture and directs every aspect of INPEACE. It is being a part of all things and having all things be a part of you. It is balance and respect of all things, interacting rightfully in the natural world, and not willfully harming anyone or anything. It is taking only what you need and caring for the Earth, the sky, and the sea. Aloha is to be watchful, to work with unity, to be truthful, to have humility, to be patient and to persevere. We integrate an innovative approach to teaching and learning through a variety of educational and cultural programs. We pay special attention to curriculum, teaching practices, environment, and the needs of students—all within the context of family and community.

E Hoʻi I Ka Piko (to return to the core) continually guides INPEACE to provide culturally rich programs that focus on uniting Native Hawaiian communities by improving cultural awareness and enhancing what it means to be Native Hawaiian. While our programs provide education to create stable growth environments for keiki, and financial and educational independence for adults, an outstanding byproduct is improvement in self-esteem, confidence, and pride among our participants. In fact, many of our participants go on to work for INPEACE or other organizations aiding the communities they come from.

When Passion Leads to Success

INPEACE began its journey with one employee and $450 in the bank. Through innovation, dedication, and hard work, we proudly serve families and children across the State of Hawai‘i. Through teamwork and continuous self-evaluation, we have achieved great things. Our greatest accomplishments, by far, are the families we help – watching our participants grow, become confident, and give back to their communities. We are honored that these community achievements have been recognized with several awards and accolades.

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